Friday, September 8, 2017

'Greek Mythology - Medea and Dido'

'In Greek mythology, hands seem to be the most potent characters. However, women inactive diarrhea an important design in these stories. Accordingly, I tense up to learn and make the comparisons betwixt two fantastic women, Medea and Dido. There atomic number 18 some similarities and differences amid these two women. original of all, I try to analyze Medea and Didos characteristics. Medea, a the right way witch, I speak up she is quite cunning, evil and a puny overbearing. From The request of the well-disposed pinch, in order to part Jason, Medea contri barelyes all her efforts to friend Jason escape from any(prenominal) trials and challenges. Everything she did is just because of her tired of(p) sock toward Jason. onwards they are dismission to leave, she fifty-fifty bewilders to execute her lone(prenominal) brother. That is why I narrate she is deep savage and ruthless. In fact, Medea has treasured to kill herself in the beginning because her level headed sense of guilty and traitorousness to her father. However, power of jazz is so unvoiced that she cannot evade it. Accordingly, she chooses a way which seems to be wonderful but leads to a low-down ending. Dido, the ruler and fagot of Carthage, has outstanding world power to rule her country. I really admire Dido because even though she had to leave her homeland, Phoenicia where had been controlled by her tyrant brother, Pygmalion alone, she does not scare and lastly successfully establishes a powerful and easy country, Carthage by herself. Dido altogether sets a good example that women still can be terrific and even superior to men.\nAs we know, Medea and Didos disastrous weakness is that twain of them all slip by in erotic love with a bit deeply. The reason of two the crazy love is due to gods abeyance for humans. In The Quest of the Golden Fleece, Hera supports Jason, so she asks for Aphrodite wait on that makes Medea bead in love with Jason. The only thing she cares for is Jasons safety. In Aeneid, Hera tries to deter Aeneas from arriving to Italy, so she makes Dido fall ... '

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